I. General provisions

The following Terms and Conditions define rules of performing transactions in the internet shop SHOP-MANNER.COM run by the Seller and operating at the web-site address:

The Seller, Manufacturer – MANNER Laura Drelichowska Anna Pęczak Spółka Cywilna

St. Torfowa 3B,70-772 Szczecin, NIP: 9552425133 REGON: 366918591

The Client – any natural person over 18 with at least limited capacity to perform acts in law and any legal person or organization that is not a legal person.
The Shop, Internet service – is the Internet shop La Mania run by the Seller at the web-site address:
The Goods or Product, Products – stand for garments and accessories manufactured or provided by MANNER for retail sale signed with MANNER trademarks such as MANNER, MANNER Couture and Glam&Glow jewellery.
The Price – The Goods’ value placed at every item on the website The prices are given in Polish zlotys (PLN) and include VAT tax (gross prices) but do not cover delivery costs (see: Delivery).
The Deliverer – courier company cooperating with the Seller.
The Delivery, Shipping Cost – stands for the cost of delivery of the Goods ordered by the Client from The Shop to the place appointed by the Client.
The order – order on purchase the Goods (offer to purchase) made in the Shop by the Client in compliance with these Terms and Conditions.
3. If any errors (such as incorrect price, availability, etc.) appear on the Shop websites the Seller shall reserve the right to decline to complete the Order.
4. The Goods’ availability is updated from Monday till Friday in the afternoon hours, excluding holidays.
5. The information given on the website of the Shop do not constitute the offer under the provisions of Civil Law.
6. The Seller shall reserve the right to limit the number of the ordered Goods offered in the Shop at discounted rates.
7. All Clients of the Shop are obliged to observe the ban on sending the content that is unlawful or contrary to the principles of community life.

II. Registration and Order Conditions

The Order may be submitted by the Client only after:
– filling in the registration form (which can be found on the Shop website) correctly,
– filling in the Order form on the website of the Shop,
– Familiarizing with and accepting the Terms and Conditions of the Shop.
2. Data necessary to issue VAT invoice shall be provided by the Client in the Order, if the issue of VAT invoice is required by the Client.
3. The Registration is one-time only. With every subsequent purchase, the Client uses the Shop Website login and password which was previously set on the Website.
4. Login and password are confidential. The Client is solely responsible for any damage caused by a disclosure of his/her login data to a third party.
5. Updating registration data shall be possible only after logging in with previously set login and password. The Client is solely responsible for updating the registration data.
6. Placing an order is tantamount to accepting these Terms and Conditions.

III. Processing Orders

Placing the Order on the website of the Shop is tantamount to signing a contract of sale.
2. The Client must pay the amount due for the Goods and the Delivery exclusively by the following means:
– transfer on the bank account;
– credit card when payments are made via Internet.
Payment methods may differ in compliance with the information on the website of the Shop (according to point IV of the Terms and Conditions).
4. The lead time shall start at the moment when:
– the payment has been booked on The Sellers’s bank account in the case of bank transfer or payment by credit card;
5. The Seller shall reserve the right to additionally verify the Client’s data, e.g. through telephone contact.
6. The Seller shall reserve the right to decline to complete the Orders, when:
– the Order form has been filled in incorrectly,
– the Order has been placed with violation of these Terms and Conditions.
– the transaction Price results from the Seller’s evident mistake or system error.
7. Placement of Orders in the Shop shall be possible 24 hours a day every day of the year.
8. Subject to paragraph 9, the ordered Goods are delivered to the Client by the Seller together with a sales document, i.e. a receipt or VAT invoice issued on the Client’s request. The VAT invoice may be issued only on condition of proper submission of the data provided during the Order placement process.
9. The content of sale agreements concluded in the Shop shall be stored in the Shop’s IT system for the period of at least 3 months from the date when the agreement was concluded. After logging in every Client shall have the acess to all his/her sale agreements concluded with the Seller in the aforementioned period.
10. The Seller shall reserve the ownership title to the Goods until the sale Price is paid in compliance with these Terms and Conditions.
11. The sale conditions are subject to regulations of these Terms and Conditions, provisions of the governing law and any individual agreements made between the Seller and the Client.

IV. Payment Provisions

In case of payment via bank transfer or payment to the Seller’s account, the bank transfer name shall include the following:

– name and surname of the Client
– the Order number

The amount due shall be transferred to the bank account as follows:

PL 41 1020 1954 0000 7202 0170 6571
MANNER Laura Drelichowska Anna Pęczak Spółka Cywilna

St. Torfowa 3B

70-772 Szczecin

NIP: 9552425133 REGON: 366918591

The customer can pay for the goods by courier upon receipt of the parcel

V. Delivery of Ordered Goods

The Seller shall deliver the ordered Goods by courier through the Deliverer.
2. The Delivery through the Deliverer shall be carried out within 7 working days from the moment the payment has been booked on the Seller’s bank account in case of bank transfer or payment by credit card.
3. Current rates of the Goods’ delivery are available at the website of the Shop.
4. The Seller shall not be held liable for any shipment delay due to circumstances beyond the control, unless such liability arises under the provisions of law.
5. All deliveries are controlled by the Seller and wrapped in foil with the Seller’s logo. If upon delivery, the tape is damaged indicating the interference of third parties, the Client shall refuse to accept such delivery.

VI. Exchange and Return of Purchased Goods

In compliance with Art. 7 sec. 1 of The Act of 2nd March 2000 on protection of certain rights of consumers and liability for damages caused by a hazardous product (Journal of Laws [Dziennik Ustaw] of 2000, No. 22, item 271 with amendments) (“the Act”), the Client, who is the consumer, has a right to withdraw from the sale agreement within 14 days from the day the Goods have been delivered.
2. The Goods returned or exchanged:

– shall have original and undamaged packing delivered by the manufacturer,
– shall be complete,
– shall have labels and security features,
– shall not have any trace of use.

The abovementioned requirements referring to the return do not violate nor restrict the Client’s’ right to claim for refund subject to the provisions of law. The abovementioned requirements with reference to the consumers shall be interpreted each time in compliance with provisions of the governing law.
3. In case of withdrawal from the agreement, on the grounds stipulated in point VI. 1., both the Seller and the Client as a consumer, shall be obliged to return everything that has been obtained from the other party under the regulations of concluded agreement.
4. The Client shall not be entitled to exercise the right of withdrawal from the agreement in cases stipulated in detail in Art. 10 sec. 3 of The Act.
5. The Client, upon the Seller’s consent, may exchange the purchased Goods within 10 days from delivery.
6. In case of the exchange, payment for the Goods of the amount equal to the Price shall be treated as an advance payment for newly ordered Goods. Any difference in the Price shall be paid by the Client or reimbursed the Client by the Seller.

VII. Claims of Defect

In accordance with The Act on specific terms and conditions of consumer sale and amendments to the Civil Code of 27th July 2002 (Journal of Laws [Dziennik Ustaw] No. 141, item 1176 with amendments), the Seller is held liable towards the Clients (who are the consumers) for non-compliance of the Goods with the agreement. In case when the Client is not a consumer, the Seller is held liable under the Civil Code.
When raising the claim the Client shall send the Goods together with a correctly completed claim form and proof of purchase attached to the address:

MANNER Laura Drelichowska Anna Pęczak Spółka Cywilna

Torfowa 3B, 70-772 Szczecin

The claim form shall include the Client’s contact data, i.e. telephone number, e-mail address to allow direct contact.

VIII. The Seller’s Liability

The Seller shall not be held liable for consequence of placing the Order incorrectly or inconsistently with the Terms and Conditions, particularly, if the registration form or order form has been completed incorrectly.

Subject to mandatory provisions of law, the Seller is held liable towards the Clients that are not the consumers, for loss only, shall not be held liable for possible benefits lost and the liability shall not exceed the Price.

IX. Personal Data Protection

1. The Client, registering in the Shop, grants his/her consent to collect and process his/her personal data provided in the form under The Act of 29th August 1997 on Personal Data Protection (Journal of Laws [Dziennik Ustaw] of 2002, No 101, item 926 with amendments) for the purposes of processing Orders only.
2. By choosing an appropriate option on the Registration form the Client may grant his/her consent to receipt of advertising and commercial information from the Seller. The information may be delivered to the Client via means of electronic communication and other means. The consent shall not constitute the condition of the Order.
3. The Client is entitled to have insight into his/her personal data, introduce amendments and request to remove it.
4. Upon purchasing in the Shop the Client expresses consent to transfer his/her e-mail address to MANNER Laura Drelichowska Anna Pęczak Spółka Cywilna and process his/her personal data by the internet shop La Mania Sp. z o.o. for purpose of sending messages via electronic means (under the mandatory provisions of The Act on Personal Data Protection of 29.08.1997).

X. Final Provisions

These Terms and Conditions may be amended at any time.
2. These Terms and Conditions and their amendments come into force on the date of publication at the Shop website.